Friday, August 3, 2012


Gaia Rising Farm now has fresh organic vegetables to pick up at the farm on Guemes Island Road. The produce can be picked up there on Tuesday and Saturday.  Note: Our focus is a CSA -type winter and storage vegetable membership, but we have  vegetables available for the next few months.   Please place your order by phone or email. Pay by check or through PayPal, button below.
                                                   Phone: 360 293 2980    Email:

We thank you for your support of your local island farm. We will also have fresh produce at the Guemes ferry dock from time to time. We will also deliver to Anacortes on
Wednesday. Enquire for time and place.

We are presently planting out the Winter Vegetables, which are our main crop. We will
have a few tomatoes, beans and zucchinis soon. 

CHERRY TOMATOES   $3.50 per pint
SWEET ONIONS  $2.00 per pound
YELLOW CROOKNECK  $1 per pound
ZUCCHINI  $1 per pound

Call 293 2980 to order


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